Dangerous dogs in the City

On the evening of June 19th, I was attacked by a mad pit-bull/mongrel. Animal Services says an attack must include biting. I say that emotional trauma is an attack. At any rate, the owner, if I can find him, may be charged for an act of aggression at least. That’s a wee bit of good news.

Imagine sitting in a car with the window rolled down, and a 140-pound beast with a head on it like a bear suddenly lunges at your head and is prevented by an inch from getting into the car to maul you to death!

Then imagine the owner just continuing to walk his dog as if nothing happened! Imagine again, that while you are traumatized, with your weak heart and chest pain dragging you down, you end up looking suspicious on account of having to follow the man to find out where he lives so he can be charged for the aggressive emotional assault he is responsible for!

Mr. X in Oriole Park, you will be charged if you are identified! Your conscience is so far gone that you cared not at all for the man your dog was an inch from killing! Your wife was just as apathetic. Fine citizens and neighbors you two make. We need corporeal punishment from the Crown to cure people like you! Too bad we can’t roll the clock back to see the law make it happen.

Imagine this, no, realize it, for here is what our society is coming to. Smoke rising from a cigarette outside can harm no one, but we must ban it.

But beasts on leashes are allowed to trot right up to you, even though they might kill you an instant. If you value human life, discourage the ownership of large dogs. Join those of us who support the banning of dangerous dogs. Such a ban has been done elsewhere. It can be done here.

Don’t worry about a puff of smoke, people. Worry about the beast around the next corner. Beasts like pitbulls are dangerous weapons. Arm yourself against them as much as the law will allow. It might save a life one day.

Mark Gaboury 

Red Deer