Consider the durability of hardwood alternatives

In a world of false advertising and overpromised hype I am happy to see that at least on mascara commercials they are now disclaiming that ‘models are wearing lash inserts’.

We have known this for years but have still wasted hundreds of dollars on make up which promised us longer, fuller explosive lashes! What a crock, and what suckers we are!

We have all been disappointed in a product that claims to improve our lives and our looks and I know we all have a secret, shameful stash of lotions and potions that did not work for us and did not deliver on promised performance.

Luckily for you there is a place in the world where the imitation is actually better than the real thing. Where you can sometimes spend more money for an imitation than for the real thing. It’s like going into the Louvre and passing by the original Mona Lisa only to pay millions for a postcard in the gift shop!

In the world of flooring we have hardwood; everyone loves hardwood and all clients come in starry-eyed with the look of love on their faces when it comes to talking about hardwood.

People have a true love affair with hardwood and it’s only when they start asking the lifestyle questions about the product that some of the light dies a little in their eyes. I hate being the bearer of bad news but all a client has to do is look at our showroom floors to get those sad answers.

Hardwood will scratch, it will dent and it will react to humidity in your home.

Dogs will race around and tear little lines into the surface and your kids will come in with rocks in their shoes and carve their initials into the front entry of your home.

The sun will alter the colour and wherever you had an area rug or furniture will show a glaring example of how it can fade, even when in not direct sunlight.

Furniture feet may cause denting and your heavyset uncle may drag a few lines into the floor at Thanksgiving when he pushes back from this third helping.

The amazing news is that the alternatives to hardwood (such as laminate, luxury vinyl planking and tile) come in so many shapes, sizes and colours that it often makes more sense to install an alternative to hardwood.

Now, these products may not be for every area of the home but they can certainly tie into other areas in your home that may have hardwood.

If you have your pristine upstairs sitting area you can always co-ordinate the alternative products for the rec areas or kids rooms. These alternatives to wood items are perfect for any room, anywhere but they can also be tied into existing hardwood, giving the illusion that you have hardwood throughout your home yet giving you more peace of mind about the kids bathing the dog in the mudroom.

Don’t worry if you desire hardwood for your home, there are so many options to give you a feeling and look of wood in your home without the babysitting and the worry.

Buy the laminated poster at the Louvre, it will last through more sticky fingers and coffee stains than that easily damaged, expensive original!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.