Christmas offers time for reflection and hospitality

It is almost time for Christmas; do you have your shopping done?

Baking all decorated and arranged on festive platters? Stockings hung with care? No? You are probably like some of us who scramble at the last minute. I’m even bribing my best friend to do my baking for me this year, if that isn’t cheating I don’t know what is.

Christmas will happen whether or not we have every ribbon tied in place and we will have a wonderful time with friends and family even if our Christmas baking is borrowed (or store bought!)

We all have a little time to rest and reflect and be thankful for our wonderful lives and for the beautiful country we live in.

If you haven’t already donated funds or time to a charity of your choice, try to make some time to give this season. It puts so much into perspective when you allow the glow of the season to rub off on others. Often when we gain perspective from situations it can pull our expectations down to a rational level.

On Twitter there is a hashtag floating about called #thirdworldproblems which is a tongue-in-cheek way of people complaining about all the ‘troubles’ in their life like too much foam on their caramel macchiato!

They are funny to read and some will make you roll your eyes but it can also shed a little light on things that tend to get us overworked, especially at Christmas. Some of my over reactive Twitter hashtags could read:

#pillowcasecrisis – Oh NO, the kids are coming for Christmas and I have left half of my linens at the holiday trailer which is locked in for the season. What will I do when my pillowcases don’t match the sheets, Christmas will be ruined! Or I could donate a blanket to the nearest shelter helping to keep one soul warmer this winter.

#bakingandcheating – I have already confessed to this, without too much shame. I have also given up the idea of making my own Christmas cookies since burning the Pilsbury Rudolph cookies and making my daughter cry. I am also the proud donator of food bank items at various holiday functions I attend. The perfect Christmas cookie is one that is appreciated and needed.

#sleepinginshifts – With everyone coming for the holidays I have to be creative with where everyone will sleep and not everyone will get their own room. Some will have to camp out in the basement, on the couch and possibly on an inflatable bed. This is not a bad problem to have and I am blessed with an abundant family. There are those who spend the holidays completely alone and would love to be surrounded by the chaos that will soon be my home – adopt someone you know is alone or pay them a visit, it will mean so much.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that a new and fresh perspective is part of your tradition. Thank you for reading, I covet your feedback and always love to hear ‘I read your column!’

Do something in the name of thankfulness this season and create your own Twitter hashtag that reads #merryandthankful. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our team at Carpet Colour Centre Carpet One!

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.