Carpet still a top choice for floor covering

If we were to take a survey in North America, more than 90% of households would check ‘yes’ beside the box that asks if they have carpet in their homes.

Carpet has been, and continues to be the leader in floor covering choices for all age groups and all demographics. The reason for this is that it is versatile, colourful and ranges from extremely economic (we aren’t supposed to use the word cheap) to exclusive, high-end product.

Our love affair with carpet has been with us for longer than I have been alive and it continues to be a top selection for our homes.

There are still customers who come in to our store who don’t want a stitch of carpet in their homes but they are rare.

Even when a consumer has put hardwood or tile in their entire home, they will almost always add an area rug to the bedroom or living room.

We just can’t seem to omit that comfy feeling underfoot especially here in Canada where we have long dark winters. Broadloom or area carpet, it is a product that we love in our homes and we are all responsible for the amazing products which continue to be manufactured.

This month we are featuring a new carpet called Innovia, it is manufactured using corn sugar which is spun into carpet fibre. This product is the most luxurious thing you will ever sink your toes into and it comes with a mind blowing warranty.

Apparently corn is tough and tender (and sweet). I invite you to take advantage of introductory pricing on this product, some of the carpets are up to 50% off while we introduce the world to this amazing carpet.

Innovations aside, we are delighted with the new bold colours and patterns being released in carpet and I patiently await the day when customers will embrace the beauty that can be brought into a room using these new fashions.

I am currently trying to sway a builder into putting a soft grey toned cheetah print carpet into a massive walk-in closet. The entire master bedroom is hardwood and you just know that the walk in closet will woo any female who enters; what I want to do is knock her right off her feet when she sees this smoking hot closet!

The materials used to make carpet are vast and it is a treat to witness how they take petroleum, corn, plastic, silk and wool and create massive artistic canvases of carpet. The manufacturers then package them and dye them beautiful colours and present them to the consumer like a beautifully wrapped Christmas package. All we have to do is open it and experience the beauty and style in our homes.

When you consider that your floor is a huge contributor to your home design, doesn’t it stand to reason that we should give it as much style and colours as we give our walls?

People are worried about putting in something that they won’t like in 10 years but when you consider that most people paint every 10 years, it might be worth a second look at that fabulous floral print carpet that you were drooling over the last time you visited your favourite home design store.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.