Be proud of your creative home designs

This past week marked my 10th year living in Central Alberta.

My family and I moved to Lacombe in 2005 and I then moved to Red Deer in 2010. Growing up in Medicine Hat I never thought I would move here as I was a fan of chinooks and warm weather and had always perceived Red Deer as cold and bleak.

Our family all moved closer together to be with our parents and looking back I believe it was the best decision I could have ever made.

I am now close to my family members and I can honestly say that my daughter had an amazing experience in the school systems here, much better than the one she was in back home.

Red Deer is a hub of cultural and artistic souls which is something I never expected! The perception outside our borders is that we are a truck driving red neck cowboy town and I was pleased to discover that we house a whole realm of sensitive, creative and cultured souls.

Being a creative type, it has been my pleasure to meet many people in the arts and design community who work tirelessly to ensure that our community is blessed with live music, art, festivals and markets.

These pockets of creativity are vital for our community and they encourage artisans and entrepreneurs to bravely open up and share their gifts with us and allow us to buy a bit of their heart and soul.

These creative types are whiling away hours in their homes or shops rehearsing, creating and dreaming of when they can display their works for the world to see and it takes so much bravery to set up and wait for the public to view, listen and hopefully approve of what they have accomplished.

It is no different than you working on a project in your home or you creating a meal to share with family and friends. When the time comes for the ‘reveal’ you have that sliver of self-doubt hoping that what you have created is accepted and liked.

When you receive positive feedback, you breathe a little easier and smile because you have achieved your goal which is to make someone else happy and satisfied.

That first friend you have over for coffee after you have decorated your new bedroom is the testing ground and it is so rewarding when they gush about what you have done.

Ask me how many people I have dragged into my bathroom these past few months and ask me how proud I am when they love the design!

In a sense, we are all creating and we are all wanting people to approve of our creations.

Whether we are baking cookies to share at work or making our own crafts to sell at a farmers market, the urge to create and design lives in every one of us. Today I will create a lovely beef stew to take over to my parents’ house and I will be delighted if they approve of my gift and will also get to enjoy supper with two of my favorite people in the entire world.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer’.