A happy family starts with a great friendship

Since I found out I was pregnant on Dec. 28th, 2011, my boyfriend and I have worked extremely hard at creating the kind of foundation for a family that we want our child to know.

Some of the things that have become very important to us are quality time not only together but also knowing when we need some time to ourselves or time with our friends as well. It is a fine balancing act but we have it pretty well down pat.

As my pregnancy has progressed we’ve learned together, read baby books together, researched together and spent time discussing parenting values that we feel need to exist in our home.

At one of our early ultrasounds we were told we were having a girl, slight excitement but we knew it could be wrong. Then another ultrasound said the same thing. We finally went for the elective 3D ultrasound and were given a 100% gender determination and confirmation that we are in fact having a little girl.

For me I have always dreamed of having little girls, but for a man who hunts, fishes, camps, quads, loves to be outside and roughhouse the idea of having a little girl was a bit intimidating – until I informed him that she will be encouraged to take part in all of these activities.

Having been pregnant through Mother’s Day and now Father’s Day as well, we have shared in our first “almost” parenting-related days. They were special for us because of what is yet to come and the fact that we got to surround ourselves with family on both occasions.

Next year we will celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s day with our own child, something that we both look forward to.

People say the journey into parenthood is hard work and that not just anyone can be parents, and I completely agree. I cannot fathom doing this on my own.

Not only do we have the support of each other, but our families as well. We are some of the lucky ones who’s parents have not only been together for a significant length of time, but who continue to love and cherish each other and exemplify the type of family unit we want to become.

My boyfriend has become my support system and my rescuer when I can’t roll off the bed or get stuck sitting on the floor. He is my rock and my saviour when Charlie horse muscle cramps wake me up at 6 a.m.

The journey into parent hood means a lot of hard work, planning and organization. But this journey has also been fun. We have two months left before baby is due to arrive and I can only see things getting better.

We laugh together when baby wallops my ribs and have found that her nickname, Roo, suits her well because she seems to have a marathon-runner’s leg strength. We talk about the scary moments that will come up, like first days of school and the inevitable first boyfriends.

But all in all we cherish the time we have together and it has made pregnancy a lot more fun. We have built a strong friendship with each other and not just a relationship viewed through rose-colored glasses.

We know it’s going to be tough and that there will be ups and downs, and we are prepared for that, but I truly think we have what it takes to start a family out right and that is a good solid friendship and bond between him and myself.

So with the said support system of family, friends, and each other, we look forward to the days of having a baby in the house and raising her with the values we hold so dear. But people keep saying that optimism will change, I guess only time will tell.