Witnesses continue to testify in murder trial

Witnesses continue to testify in the trial of a man charged with conspiracy to murder a suspected gang member.

Christopher Fleig, 28, is charged in connection with the 2009 shooting death of Brandon Prevey, 29.

Prevey was shot and killed in what police say was a gang-style execution while sitting in his vehicle in the Inglewood area of Red Deer during the early morning hours of April 5, 2009.

The trial began on April 30th in Red Deer and is expected to last about five weeks.

Last week, Christopher Quinton testified that he was in the vehicle with Fleig just a block away from the site where Prevey was killed when the incident allegedly happened.

Quinton said he met Fleig in 2008 and soon after began couriering drugs to Red Deer from Calgary for him. He then also began selling cocaine for Fleig.

On April 5, 2009, Quinton said he met Fleig in the parking lot of Shark’s Garage after working a shift at X-Static Night Club in Red Deer.

“We met another vehicle in the parking lot and Mr. Fleig was given something that was wrapped in a t-shirt. He came back to the vehicle and pulled out a handgun from the t-shirt and put it in his waistband. He threw the t-shirt in the back seat,” he said.

He testified that the pair then drove to the Inglewood neighbourhood via Gaetz Ave. and 19th St. before turning onto Irwin Ave. and then Inglewood Dr.

“We pulled over near a big park area and Mr. Fleig pulled out a walkie-talkie or a two-way radio,” said Quinton. “A voice on the radio said he could see the Jeep. Mr Fleig asked if they were stupid and to start shooting.”

He added he then heard multiple gunshots.

“Chris and I started arguing about what had just happened. I asked him what the hell was going on and told him I didn’t want any part of this. We started driving away and I hopped out of the car at the corner of 22 Street. I walked back to my truck which was in the Shark’s Garage parking lot and saw the RCMP driving up (to Inglewood),” said Quinton.

He said as he was walking back downtown Fleig called him and told him, “to come get this gun.” Quinton said he refused and Fleig hung up on him.

The next day Quinton testified that he met up with Fleig in the parking lot of Galaxy Cinemas in Gasoline Alley.

“I met him and hopped into Mr. Fleig’s vehicle and we headed west, crossed Highway 2A and went out onto a rural road. He took out his Blackberry and pulled up a newspaper article with Mr. Prevey’s picture,” he said. “Mr. Fleig said now that he was gone he had nothing to worry about in Red Deer and that it would open up the market to trafficking cocaine.”

Quinton said in the fall of 2009 he quit working for Fleig and was eventually brought in for questioning by the RCMP on this alleged murder.

Also testifying last week was a man who lived in the Inglewood neighbourhood at the time of the alleged murder.

Brady Sylvester said he was woken up by the sound of “bangs” on April 5, 2009.

“Around three in the morning I heard about seven bangs. I looked out the window and say a Jeep parked across the street with the doors open. There was a woman outside of the Jeep on the sidewalk who appeared to be distraught,” he said. “I saw something slumped over in the driver’s side.”

He said he then saw a dark coloured car speed up the road and out of the area.

“It sped out of there as fast as it could go.”

Meanwhile, in March 2011, Pedro Julio Saenz, 23, and Brandon Cody Smith, 24, who were charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in relation to Prevey’s death, had their charges stayed. In April of last year, Christopher Ryan McIvor, 22, who was charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit to murder, also had his charges stayed.

A stay of proceedings can either be temporary or permanent but it is unlikely the charges will be reinstated.