What took the NBA brass so long?

  • May. 7, 2014 3:41 p.m.

So the NBA brass are likely still high-fiving and feeling very good about themselves for kicking out Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling for his racist remarks.

In case you missed it, Sterling was allegedly recorded by his alleged girlfriend making some racist comments about black players in the NBA.

Coming down hard on this caveman was obviously the right thing to do but there are a few things which don’t sit right with me and should take the shine of a bright moment in the sport.

Topping the list is the fact this lame brain has been spouting this sort of garbage for at least a half dozen years.

He has stated in documents that black people and Hispanics attract vermin and therefore should not be allowed to live in his rental properties.

He settled the lawsuit brought against him by cutting a $2.7 million cheque.

He was sued a year later by Clippers G.M. and an NBA star, Elgin Baylor for discrimination based on race and age.

I’m not sure what happened there but it’s likely some money exchanged hands.

But this 80-year-old antique continued to make money with his real estate holdings and his basketball team.

So now he decides he doesn’t want his girlfriend taking pictures with NBA legend Magic Johnson and this is what gets him booted out of the NBA frat house? Really? There is no argument racism on any level has a stench but this smell has been coming off this guy for years and the NBA is just getting a whiff of this?

Somebody needs to lend those suits in the office a netty pot so they can clean out their collective sinuses.

I applaud the move to kick Sterling to the curb but what was the holdup? Was there a cramp in someone’s hamstring and they couldn’t get the leg working?

They say a leopard can’t change his spots but it seems this leopard managed to hide in plain sight and the rest of the community didn’t seem to notice.

Good for the NBA in taking out the trash but just a suggestion – don’t let it pile up so high next time.

It leaves behind a smell even a thousand cans of Febreeze won’t get rid of.

Side note: L.A. Times columnist Sandy Banks suggested Sterling buy an NHL team as there are no black players in that league. Someone needs to get out of the office and see a game I think, Sandy.