Wear your wedding dress again for a good cause

Unique fundraiser to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation

On the afternoon of July 30th a group of women will be gathering to wear their wedding dresses in the City and to raise funds and awareness for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Stephanie Sulyak, owner of Posh Esthetics and organizer of the event, said she was looking at her wedding dress in her closet when she got the idea. This Aug. 28th celebrates the sixth anniversary of Posh Esthetics’ opening.

“My husband and I got married last year and I was just thinking I’d never have a chance to wear my wedding dress ever again,” said Sulyak.

Her idea originally was to have a couple of close friends and do an afternoon in the City before a relaxing dinner.

This idea spurred the creation of a facebook event page that received great response including some donations, which Sulyak said she is very grateful for.

“The Heart and Stroke Foundation is very near and dear to my family as we lost my dad two years ago to complications from a stroke.”

For this reason, the charity was chosen and women were invited to join Sulyak for the afternoon.

A photographer, Julia Betemps, will be on site to take photos of the women in their dresses at City Hall Park as they share in an afternoon of fun and laughter.

The event begins at 1 p.m. on July 30th with the women meeting at Posh Esthetics to get gowned up and ready to hit the town. Door prizes will be given out before leaving the salon.

“I thought it would be just me and a few close friends, mothers, sisters, and best friends, but it grew bigger,” said Sulyak.

The hope is to have this event become an annual event. The fee to participate is $25, of which 100% will go to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

An Afternoon to Wear Your Wedding Dress Again is, as Sulyak said, a great reason to bring out the massive trains, hoop skirts and headpieces all in the name of charity.

Right now there are 15 brides involved in the event, and Sulyak has booked one of the semi-private rooms at Moxies to finish up the evening with a late lunch.

“Wherever this goes I will be happy with it,” said Sulyak, who had thought her wedding dress would just become a permanent fixture in her closet.

“What can you do with your wedding dress? You can’t exactly just walk around wearing it.”

Sulyak said next year she is hoping to garner some larger donations. She is also currently looking for someone to donate a bouquet for the beautiful brides to adorn their photographs.

Anybody looking to take part in the event must confirm with Stephanie either through the facebook group or by contacting her at 403-357-7531.