RDC Students’ Association President Chaise Combs, left, RDC President and CEO Joel Ward, Chief Executive Officer with the 2019 Canada Winter Games Scott Robinson and Jim Dixon, director of responsible care with NOVA Chemicals, pose for a photo before planting trees at the unveiling of the NOVA Chemicals Waskasoo Creek Nature Walk. Robin Grant/Red Deer Express

WATCH: New nature trail unveiled at Red Deer College for upcoming Canada Winter Games

New walkway the result of partnership between NOVA Chemicals, RDC and Canada Winter Games committee

Tree planting in the name of a sustainable 2019 Canada Winter Games continued Monday with the unveiling of the NOVA Chemicals Waskasoo Creek Nature Walk at Red Deer College.

The new walkway is located south of RDC’s Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre and is the result of a partnership between the College, NOVA Chemicals and the Canada Winter Games, which started with the NOVA Chemical’s commitment of $2 million in 2016.

In the afternoon, kindergarten students from across Red Deer will help plant 140 trees along the nature walk. Volunteers will also plant the trees in the days to come.

Scott Robinson, CEO with the 2019 Canada Winter Games, called the partnership a ‘legacy initiative’ that is part of a 2019 Games commitment to plant 2,019 trees to leave a positive impact on Central Alberta for the benefit of the environment and park system.

“An important component of hosting the Canada Winter Games is creating legacies that will benefit our greater community for years to come,” he said.

Speaking at the unveiling, Joel Ward, RDC president and CEO, said the nature walk symbolizes the College’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable future.

“I think this is a strong statement to this community that the future is environmental, the future is green. It’s about doing something about (the environment) and creating sustainable institutions. It’s about creating programs that support sustainability, it’s about partnering with companies that believe in it and that is an important part of who they are and what they want to do.”

Jim Dixon, director of responsible care with NOVA Chemicals, said the company, which also has another nature trail near Lacombe called the NOVA Community Nature Trail, is excited to be a part of this Canada Games ‘legacy project.’

“This nature area is going to be here for the current generation and future generations,” he said. “It fits well with our company’s desire to be a sustainable organization and create lasting partnerships like we have with the Canada Winter Games and Red Deer College.”

This is the 2019 Canada Winter Games’ second tree planting event. On Sept. 29th, volunteers planted trees on the walkway along 22nd St. near Inglewood Dr.