Voices for Hospices a historical fundraising event

The idea for the Voices for Hospices fundraiser originated in London, England in the 1980s when one palliative care facility held a concert.

Since that first concert, over 70 countries have joined Voices for Hospices and in 2005 more than 400 events were held to help bring attention to palliative care centres and hospices.

“Because it is a global event it can be laid out in many different ways. Whatever works best for each culture and climate is what we do,” said Marian Cloutier, fund development and marketing coordinator at Red Deer Hospice.

Red Deer’s event is being held at the Crossroads Church on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased in advance from Red Deer Hospice, 53rd Street Music or can be bought at the door the night of the event.

The evening will consist of a keynote speaker, Senator Sharon Carstairs, giving an update on palliative and hospice care at a national level. Dr. Kim Adzich will also join the event for the evening as Master of Ceremonies.

Adzich is a palliative care specialist as well as a family physician and Cloutier said they are looking forward to hearing some of his experiences and gaining expertise while he orchestrates the events of the evening.

“The event is all about raising our voices to build awareness. We wanted to make it an entertaining evening and maybe even have the performers tell their stories about their experiences with hospice,” said Cloutier.

There are currently seven confirmed performers including Nick Blackwood, a Christian singer and songwriter, who has a very personal story to go with the hospice society.

“His wife was the first resident at hospice and I’m sure he will have a great story to tell,” said Cloutier.

Haeley Ginter, one of the performers for the evening, said she is looking forward to singing with her daughter Tori, 9, on stage, but also being part of a worldwide event in support of a great cause.

“I like making other people happy and just enjoying everything about the event,” said Tori.

Brenda Watts, executive director, said the hospice society is excited to hold this event to share through different genres of music and to have people more aware of hospice.

“I’m always amazed at how many people still don’t know that there is a Red Deer Hospice.”

For ticket information, visit www.reddeerhospice.com.