Vegas and hockey don’t mix

  • Dec. 24, 2014 3:39 p.m.

I have never net NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and quite frankly I don’t ever care to.

Him being a lawyer and all there may be a lawsuit as a result of such a meeting.

Now to be a lawyer you have to be smart so Gary has that but when it comes to what he has done from his NHL throne, Lassie could have done a better job.

Not counting the strikes and near strikes under his rule Mr. Bettman has made a few Homer Simpson like moves and this latest one is an accident looking for a place to happen.

Just the mere thought of putting an NHL team in Sin City is enough to make Harold Ballard turn in his grave.

Simply put, on the surface the commissioner has to realize there’s a reason professional sports teams aren’t in Las Vegas.

A little past time down there called gambling plays a role in all this.

Not to mention a few folks who may or may not be associated with the criminal element who call Vegas home.

Why in the world would you even consider going there when there is a huge portion of the frozen north who would welcome a franchise, any franchise in Quebec City, Saskatoon or even the Maritimes.

This is such an easy decision to make there are plants on the earth who could do this.

Somebody needs to call 911 and get medical personnel over the Gary’s place to remove his head from, well you know where.

Vegas?? Really?

The potential owner, Bill Foley has been doing a season ticket drive to see where interest lies.

Someone needs to tell him there’s a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon between interest and support.

In a city known for quirkiness you can expect plenty of people would be interested in the beginning but if the team isn’t winning then why stick around?

There’s a few other things to do in Vegas if I recall.

I cringe to think what the uniforms may look like but sequins, feathers and some sort of neon piping down the side comes to mind.

Mr. Bettman can’t see past the Arizona Coyotes debacle even in the bright lights of Las Vegas but someone needs to do an intervention here.

Stop this before it gains any steam as it’s simply a recipe for disaster and you can bet on that.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and this idea shouldn’t go any further than the edge of the Mojave.