UPDATE: Daisy, the blind baby goat, has been found

Daisy has been missing since Sept. 10th and was recovered by a neighbour

UPDATE: Daisy, the blind baby goat, has been found

Daisy, the seven month old goat missing from Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement near Wetaskiwin, has been found.

In a facebook post from Wednesday night, the group’s founder Melissa Foley said the goat had been found not far from the animal rescue.

Daisy was found by a neighbour who brought her back home.

“Our neighbour said they had just seen her in the little valley not 500 meters from our house and scooped her up to bring her home,” Foley said.

Foley believes she was found so close to home because whoever had taken her tried to drop her off close to the rescue, as the neighbours found her pretty close to the road.

Daisy was found dry, despite the all-day rain, and taken care of, which Foley is grateful for.

“As for the person or people who returned Daisy to us, thank you. I can overlook the reasons as to why you decided to take Daisy from her home in the first place and be thankful to you for not harming her and returning her to us.”

Foley said she had begun to get desperate in searching for the young goat.

They had even started contacting with a medium who said could contact Daisy and find her.

The ‘animal communicator’ had told Foley Daisy could be found a few kilometres away from their home.

Though disappointed to not find her at he spot the animal communicator said she would be, Foley was thrilled to get the call from the neighbour who brought Daisy home.

“We were there in three seconds flat as we were in the same area, and were greeted by none other than our amazing girl Daisy,” said Foley.

The neighbour chose not to take the $10,000 reward. Instead the money will be used to ‘pay-it-forward’ in the community, to an organization of the neighbour’s choosing.

“As for us, we are going to love this little goat up and rest easy (tonight).”

Foley thanked the many people who helped find the baby goat, and to those who donated to her finders fee.

“Thank you to the thousands of people who shared and sent prayers and well wishes for Daisy,” Foley said.

Daisy was reported as stolen on Sept. 10th. The baby goat is blind and has no tongue.