Two more candidates vie for spot on council

Two more Red Deerians will take a run at a spot on City council this fall.

Calvin Yzerman, 50, and Clarence Torgerson, 58, have announced they will seek a chair on council.

“I’m very passionate about this City,” said Yzerman. “I think if I’m elected to council I will bring many skills to the table including listening and participation skills and I will put value on others’ opinions.”

He said he believes the City’s biggest challenge is growth.

“There is a lot of challenge that comes with growth,” said Yzerman.

Yzerman said ensuring Red Deer is affordable and livable for everyone is one of his goals if he is elected to council.

Finding solutions to homelessness, working towards adequate and timely housing for seniors and constructing an indoor competitive pool are also top priorities for Yzerman.

In addition, Torgerson, a local commercial realtor, said there are a lot of challenges and opportunities that are coming up for council.

“I would like to be a part of them,” he said.

Torgerson added some of the opportunities he sees for the City is the new Riverlands area.

“There is a lot we can do with that and there is a lot that area can create for the City,” he said.

Torgerson said if he is elected he will work to recover some of the money that was put into the civic yards.

“I think we need to get value for our money. I’m not opposed to spending it, but we need to ensure that we get value from it,” he said.

Torgerson added he believes his experience with commercial real estate will also be an asset on council.

“Council does a fair amount of work with the real estate industry and I think my experience with the industry will serve some purpose,” he said. “I have dealt with zoning, development and redevelopment over my 37 year career.”

Meanwhile, Yzerman and Torgerson join the race with many other candidates including incumbents Gail Parks, Cindy Jefferies, Buck Buchanan, Tara Veer, Frank Wong and Lynne Mulder. Other candidates include Terry Lee Ropchan, Dianne Wyntjes, Jim Watters, Paul Harris, Jeffrey Dawson, Christopher Stephan and Matt Chapin.

Long-time Councillors Lorna Watkinson-Zimmer and Larry Pimm have announced they will not seek re-election.