Traffic flow to change downtown

On June 9 of this year City council received a letter requesting a change in traffic flow from a two-way to one-way westbound on the east-west laneway south of the Millennium Centre downtown.

This letter has since been reviewed in council and with the support of the businesses in the surrounding area has been approved.

The problems identified on this street included multi-vehicle collisions, vehicles colliding with the buildings and the reduction of the road to a single lane during snow months.

The bylaw amendment received unanimous support from City council.

Councillor Buck Buchanan clarified a point regarding appropriate signage and it was guaranteed the proper signage would be brought in according to the bylaw to display the new one-way street.

Marwest Management Canada Ltd., the property owner of the Millennium Centre was the one to originally provide the letter with signatures from supportive businesses in the area.

Some of the other businesses that were in agreement with the proposed change and who will be affected by the change include The Academy of Professional Hair Design, HSBC Bank of Canada and The Imperial Block.

This new one-way street will be added to the one-way street system bylaw.