Thoughts on the Grey Cup

  • Nov. 28, 2012 4:01 p.m.

So another chapter in Canadian football history was written this past weekend with the 100th Grey Cup as the Argos dominated the Stamps to win cup #16 for the franchise.

As far as the game went it was a matter of Toronto showing more than the Stamps not showing much at all other than a return man who was their best player.

I suppose you could make a case for the Stamps coaching staff being outcoached by the Argos brain trust and you’d be hard pressed to say otherwise.

As far as the overall broadcast I have to say TSN did a reasonable job of coverage but dropped the ball on many occasions so maybe it’s time to get some other broadcaster involved.

For example, the ceremonial kick off is a very minor part of the cast but all we saw was the Governor General get intense and then kick the ball without seeing how far it went. In the big scheme of ceremonial kicks, that’s the shot I want to see.

The half time coaches segment with Paul LaPolice was awkward as we saw the coach in what appeared to be a Los Angeles like smog cloud as he was trying to explain a fumble but it never went well from the very start then all of sudden there was an uncomfortable pause and the segment was ended.

A portion of the half time which should be dropped altogether would be the forgettable interviews with the coaches assessing the first half action.

It has rarely, if ever, revealed anything concrete or insightful in all the years I have been watching the game.

Reporter: So coach, the defence has shut down your running game so far. What do you need to do to change it?

Coach: We need to stop getting tackled by their guys.

Reporter: Coach, you haven’t been into the end zone yet and instead have field goals to show for it. What needs to change?

Coach: We need to have our kicker score touchdowns instead.

Reporter: Coach, your QB has tossed three picks in the first half. What adjustments do you need to make?

Coach: We will show our QB pictures of the other team again and beg him not to complete passes to them.

Reporter: Coach your defence has had problems stopping the other team’s offence in the first half. Any changes for the second half?

Coach: We plan on leaving our offence out there the rest of the game.

When does hockey start again?