Thoughts about the Grey Cup

  • Dec. 3, 2014 4:21 p.m.

Some random thoughts about the most recent Grey Cup championship in no particular order of importance.

– The Calgary Stampeders were the most consistently good team in the CFL and were deserving winners. They were stronger than all the other teams in all three areas of the game in 2014 and the balance and depth paid off with a title.

– Punters/kickers should just head to the bench after the ball has left their foot as they should not try to make tackles. Just ask Stamps kicker Rob Maver, He was lit up like a Christmas tree by a large defensive player. His children will be born dizzy.

– Colour man Glen Suitor needs to be a little more colourful and a lot less black and white when describing a play. Telling me what I just saw adds nothing to the viewing experience. Give me some depth and insight . Don’t tell me to watch the receiver run to the sideline when I just saw the receiver run to the sideline.

– John Hufnagel is a class act. He was wearing a John Forzani jersey while accepting the cup. Nice touch and a show of respect for the recently deceased Stampeder icon.

– Jon Cornish is also a pretty classy guy as he said all the right things during a post game interview. He was happy to win a cup but as any competitor will tell you he wanted to contribute. But he also made a point of the team aspect of football and was willing to be the decoy for the benefit of the team.

– After 18 regular season games, four playoff games and the Grey Cup in a league of nine teams why does TSN feel the need to still explain to us that Luke Tasker is the son of former NFL’er Steve Tasker?

– Someone needs to get a wrench and tighten the nut holding the cup part of the trophy to the base. That thing was ready to come off during the celebration and did later on.

– Nice job by the officiating crew which didn’t miss much and made the crucial block in the back call which was the back breaker for the Ti-Cats.

It was and always will be the dumbest penalty a special teams player can take. Brandon Banks was upset but he doesn’t make that run if not for the illegal block.

On a personal note: Go Bombers!