TEDxRedDeer slated for this weekend in City

  • Nov. 19, 2014 4:11 p.m.

What began 30 years ago in Silicon Valley, California as a one-off event showcasing emerging technology, education and design ideas has grown into a worldwide network of information centralized at www.TED.com.

TED (Technology, Education, and Design) began in 1984 as a one-time conference where one of the first compact disc players as well as the first Apple computers were debuted.

The conference has held strong for 30 years and expanded to host other conferences throughout the world, as well as allowed for independent conferences to be held by local citizens under the title TEDx, with x meaning independent.

TEDxRedDeer, taking place on Nov. 22nd from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. is one of the many conferences throughout the world with the intent of creating an environment which allows for ideas worth spreading to do just that, organizers say.

The idea, which TEDxRedDeer directors Rene Michalak and Nicolas Chiasson hope to spread this year, is that of ‘Pushing Boundaries’.

“TED is storytelling for the 21st century – historically we would tell stories around the campfire or in the living room on Sunday evenings,” said Michalak.

“But we’ve kind of lost that now as a culture, so TEDx really helps for people to have a local outlet and model to come together and tell their stories and they are all recorded and available online for those who didn’t have the chance to watch it and for future generations to see.”

This year’s conference boasts big local names including Mayor Tara Veer who Michalak explained is pushing boundaries in the political landscape by being the youngest female mayor the City has seen.

Other presenters include local radio DJ, podcaster and business owner Jason Foui who is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a local DJ.

“Michelle Salt became the first ever female Canadian Paralympic snowboarder after she was in a motorcycle accident and lost her leg above the knee,” explained Michalak. “Without STARS air ambulance she wouldn’t be here today and pushing boundaries is something she does well.”

Other presenters include Robert Saik, CEO of the Agri-Trend Group of Companies, former mechanical engineer turned holistic chef Kristin Fraser; award winning business owner and retired personal trainer Cabel McElderry; physical therapist and professional yoga therapist Shelly Prosko; local farmer and business owner April Reeves as well as Allan Baile, a local teacher at Aspen Heights Elementary who was responsible for founding the schools microsociety program which aims to help students prepare for the real world.

For more information visit www.tedxreddeer.com.