Taking issue with remarks made

  • Feb. 27, 2013 4:01 p.m.

When it comes to our sports fans will always be ready with an opinion on a subject, a game, a certain play.

Sports fans are never shy about telling others what they think and while most do so in a courteous fashion there are those who make it a point to use a decibel level above a jet taking off to ensure you don’t miss anything.

But even those boisterous buffoons can be tolerated to an extent greater than the keyboard cowards who crawled out from under their rock last week to say what they had to say about a pair of sports broadcasters.

The targets of these mouth breathers were Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Nabil Karim, anchors for TSN who co-hosted the sports show last Tuesday night.

For some reason these backwoods bozos decided it was just fine to post some very racist twitter remarks about these two men.

Now I know I have been vocal about certain national sports commentators in the past and I’m not alone in expressing my thoughts on how they have performed but I always have and always will attach my name to my comments – right or wrong.

I have never made it a personal issue with these announcers nor will I ever but I will still express my opinion (sometimes I do get a little excited about it though, just ask anyone who knows me).

These twitter twits however have chosen to hide behind the wall of anonymity in order to save face for the crude remarks they felt a need to share with the twitter universe.

The positive thing about this travesty was the fact many people responded in defense of Gurdeep and Nabil so there is a silver lining to this in that maybe people aren’t so tolerant of racism anymore and are willing to stand up for people they have likely never met.

The sad fact is this still exists here in 2013 and we can only hope the gene pool which is home to these narrow-minded individuals is getting shallower.

If there is any justice in the world then some of those who know these not so brave hearts should make a quick call to the police in order to bring them before the court system so they can explain the reason for the unsolicited attack on two men doing their job.

I for one would be interested in hearing the explanation for slamming a person based on their nationality or colour of their skin.

I think maybe these folks likely couldn’t string together a complete sentence so maybe we could arm them with a crayon so they could jot down their thoughts on the issue.

Then they could sign it by making their X.