Super Bowl considerations

  • Jan. 14, 2015 4:15 p.m.

The final four teams in the NFL playoff tournament have been decided and next weekend will determine who battles for the Lombardi trophy in Arizona.

There was some poetic justice served up in Green Bay as the Cowboys lost to the Packers and Dez Bryant had a touchdown called back.

Detroit fans cheered the ruling as they are still sore from the call which wasn’t a call but was a call fiasco in the Big D.

Tony Romo still had a great year but can’t lead America’s Team to the promised land.

New England showed they are the class of the AFC with another strong playoff showing by using all of their weapons.

Tom Brady just keeps doing it right with what he has on offence.

The Seattle Seahawks are hitting on all cylinders at just the right time and that should be a concern for the Packers next weekend.

Andrew Luck enters the weekend as the only QB to not have a Super Bowl ring and he will leave the same way as the Colts are on a hot streak but will get cooled off by the Patriots.

In Seattle, Green Bay may want a replay of that touchdown in 2012 which may have sped up a settlement with the real officials.

Even with a similar call the Packers will not beat the Seahawks and so we will have an east coast, west coast Super Bowl.

So who wins that one?

I would lean towards Seattle simply because they have the athletes on both sides of the ball to compete against the robotically (is that even a word?) efficient Patriots.

The wild card in all this maybe Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks QB is always a tough assignment but when there are high stakes on the line he seems to find a way and I think he will in Super Bowl whatever Roman numeral this is.

Brady can keep this close with his experience but the Seattle defense is up to the task so I see a 34-27 Seahawks win.

I’ve been wrong before and it wouldn’t surprise me if none of this plays out this way but that’s why they play the game right?