Street sweeping begins in Red Deer

Program begins on Sunday to clean up winter debris

  • Apr. 7, 2017 4:32 p.m.


The annual street sweeping program will start Sunday to clean up sand and other debris from City roads.

Crews will begin sweeping medians this weekend. As part of the program, all city streets, boulevards, medians and sidewalks adjacent to arterial roadways are swept of sand and debris that accumulated during the winter. This is necessary to minimize the amount of dust in the air, to prevent sand from contaminating soil and to stop excess sand from entering the Red Deer River.

Pedestrians and motorists are asked to please be cautious around street sweeping equipment by staying at least three car lengths away to avoid injury or damage from flying debris.

Once arterials are complete, crews will begin sweeping the downtown area before sweeping residential streets. The street sweeping program typically continues into June as these operations are weather dependent.

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– Fawcett