Shades of Ambition campaign set to get underway

  • Feb. 20, 2013 4:05 p.m.

The third annual Shades of Ambition fundraiser will soon be taking place at Parkland Mall and organizers are looking to make it another successful year.

The fundraiser aims to raise funds for three charities simultaneously by selling mural tiles and promoting friendly competition.

“Each charity works for one week to sell tiles for all three. But if people are undecided on what charity to support, the charity working that day has the opportunity to sway their decision,” said Krista Dunstan, marketing director at Parkland Mall.

The charities vying for donations, and staffing the event, are the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (partnering radio station Sunny 94), The Canadian Cancer Society Alberta Northwest Division (partnering radio station Kraze 101.3), and The Red Deer Regional Health Foundation (partnering radio station The River 100.7).

“We have got three great players this year for sure,” said Dunstan.

The event runs from March 7-27 and donations can also be made online during those dates.

“We have three large murals that will represent, in a collage form, what the charity does. There are 750 pieces per mural,” said Dunstan.

Not only will the charities receive whatever funds are raised by mural pieces sold, but the first, second, and third place winners will receive $7,500, $5,000, and $2,500 respectively.

“The event came about when we were trying to figure out how to provide space to simultaneous charities. It went so well in the first year that we ran it again and it grew. We had two murals finish last year and this year we’re hoping for all three.”

Tiles are $10 and donors who purchase two or more will receive a tax receipt. Dunstan said one major benefit this year is the ability to pay via credit and debit as opposed to just cash.

Last year’s event raised just over $40,000 as opposed to the $24,000 raised in the first year. Dunstan said she hopes to see that growth trend continue.

“We enjoy the partnerships we have with the community and we also like giving back to the community that we are a part of. These charities do amazing work so it really does feel great to be a part of something that allows them to remain in the community and gain exposure.”

Dunstan said it not only benefits the charity to have mall exposure for 21 days but that the whole event itself is a “Feel good event. It’s positive all the way around and everybody is happy to be involved.”

Each person who purchases a tile is also entered into a prize draw from the charity to which they donated. Prizes are valued at over $500 and will be drawn on the closing day of the event on March 27.

“The best part is that the murals are then professionally finished and the charities get to keep them and hang them in their place of business as a memento of what they accomplished here during the Shades of Ambition fundraiser.”