Sentencing submissions to begin later this month for murderer

Nathan Desharnais pleads guilty to the second degree murder of Talia Meguinis

  • Feb. 1, 2017 10:44 p.m.


Sentencing submissions will begin on Feb. 16th for Nathan Desharnais, who pleaded guilty to the second degree murder of Talia Meguinis.

Desharnais was charged with second degree murder and offering indignity to human remains after the body of Meguinis, 27, was found at a recycling facility in the Riverside Industrial area on Feb. 22nd, 2012.

The crown withdrew the charge of offering indignity to human remains in court on Wednesday afternoon.

Desharnais was arrested and charged in September 2012 after an undercover operation, dubbed Mr. Big, was conducted.

In an Agreed Statement of Facts, court heard on Feb. 17th, 2012, Meguinis arrived in Red Deer to stay with her aunt at her apartment. Throughout the weekend, the pair partied together and were in and out of other apartments on the same floor.

Meguinis was last seen on Feb. 20th, 2012, by her aunt in Desharnais’ apartment, which was located across the hall. The pair were consuming cocaine.

In the Agreed Statement of Facts it stated 76 dumpsters were collected and delivered to the recycling plant in the Riverside Industrial area on Feb. 21st, 2012. Employees reported a naked body on the conveyor belt.

Desharnais admitted that he disposed of Meguinis’ body in a dumpster about half a block away from his apartment.

He admitted to being high on about six grams of cocaine and sleeping pills the night of the murder. He also admitted to choking Meguinis to kill her, although he said he does not remember why he lost control but that he became violent.

An autopsy was conducted on Feb. 23rd, 2012 which concluded the cause of death was neck trauma.

Desharnais admitted to the murder during an undercover operation. He was named a suspect in the case after being arrested for the sexual assault of another woman in which he was found guilty of and was sentenced to six years in prison for.

Police saw similarities in both the homicide and sexual assault cases.