MIRROR TALK- Actors perform the play Under My Skin for Grade 7 students of Central Middle School.

MIRROR TALK- Actors perform the play Under My Skin for Grade 7 students of Central Middle School.

Sending a positive message to students through theatre

Central Middle School students learned to look at themselves in a more positive way during a presentation about body image recently.

Under My Skin was performed for students and is a play by INSIDE OUT — Body Image Theatre Education and focuses on how teens can deal with issues relating to body image.

The play is geared towards Grade 7 students and included break out sessions where the students interacted with the actors and talked about the play and also wrote positive messages all over a magazine cover.

Kate Adams, spokesperson for the group, said it is a great way to get teens to talk about what is bothering them.

“We talk about healthy thinking and positive self-talk. These are things that kids are having a hard time with and lots of times they get stuck in a negative thought,” said Adams.

“We also talk about being able to talk to someone else if you are having issues or problems.”

The play is sponsored by the Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools and the Primary Care Network and has been going for three years now.

“We are really happy because all the Grade 7’s seem to accept it and the teachers love it and seem to be taking resources from the plays and putting them into their classrooms,” said Adams.

Bruce Buruma, director of community relations for Red Deer Public Schools and executive director for The Foundation for Community Relations said that they are always happy to see what they play does for the students.

“Body image for students at this age level is a pretty wide area and there are a lot of related issues that go along with it,” said Buruma.

“It is definitely about body image, but it is also about peer relationships, self concept and talks and the play focuses on a wide range of these issues.”

Buruma also said the play focuses on issues that need to be addressed and that it is good to get kids to talk.

“In Grade 7 and 8 there are a lot of issues going on that students are dealing with and this play is giving students an opportunity that they can best respond to their problems with,” said Buruma.

“It is really an important program and we have gotten great responses from other schools and we hope to continue on with it.”