ENTERTAINING – The Royal Canadian Circus returns to the City for six shows this coming weekend.

ENTERTAINING – The Royal Canadian Circus returns to the City for six shows this coming weekend.

Royal Canadian Circus back in City this weekend

  • Apr. 29, 2015 3:05 p.m.

The Royal Canadian Circus is bringing their ‘SPECTAC’ show to Red Deer, with six performances from May 1st-3rd.

Tickets are available for $30 per person for general admission, $40 for VIP seating and $50 ringside. Children under three are free if they do not require a seat for themselves. Use the coupon code ‘HORSE’ when purchasing tickets online for two for one tickets.

According to Cathy Sproule of the Royal Canadian Circus, the show this year has been designed with a focus on thrill and airborne acts.

“This year there is a real focus on thrill and airtime. We have quite a few internationally renowned performances in the air. One if those is the Cortes family – a very famous trapeze family troupe that go back four generations. They are outstanding. In a family like that, it’s years and years of honing and training for these performances. The Flying Cortes Family Trapeze is quite amazing,” Sproule said.

The Cortes family has a number of aspects to their performance including flying trapeze, cloudswing, lyras or aerial hoops as well as aerial chiffon techniques.

“This year, we also have the Great Wollendas who are very famous worldwide for their Guinness Book of world records for going across the Grand Canyon on the high wire and last year, they broke another record in Chicago. You’re as good as your last performance and that means that Red Deer is going to see some awesome stuff. This family goes back seven generations and have outstanding performances.”

In addition to the trapeze and high wire artists, Ringmaster Richard Curtis will join his wife Kimberley and their children on the ‘Death Defying Motorcycle Globe of Fire’, a high-speed act that promises to excite.

“We have a lot of families performing for families. Richard Curtis, his two sons, daughter and wife are all performing in this thrill act that is the Motorcycle Globe of Fire. They go around and round in this steel, fiery globe and it’s very exciting. They’re doing a kind of warm up in Washington right now and the audiences are giving great feedback,” Sproule said.

Last year, elephants Marie and Shelly had a little bit of trouble crossing the border but Sproule said this year, the Royal Canadian Circus is very excited to have them back in the show. They will join the famous Zerbini horses in a ‘Carnivale’ themed performance, led by Erika Zerbini.

The Zerbini family has been performing for over 250 years and Sproule said this experience is shown in their fantastic performances. Members of the family will perform with the animals, as well as aerial artistry performances.

“It’s going to be a truly spectacular show this year. We’ve got a lot of new acts, a lot of air acts and lots of thrill. It’s all under the big top with the same ‘families performing for families’ tradition that we carry,” Sproule said.

Tickets are available online at www.royalcanadiancircus.ca.