Rick More in the running for City council

Rick More in the running for City council

Born and raised Red Deerian looking to make a difference in community

With a focus on policing and crime as well as Red Deer business, Rick More has announced he will seek a spot on City council this fall.

More, who was born and raised in the City, is currently the manager of membership and community relations for the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce.

He has been involved with various community initiatives and board placements on non-profits which include Red Deer Rotary Club, co-chair for the CNIB capital fundraiser, AMA, Women’s Outreach, both Scotties Tournament of Hearts and most recently part of the coalition group to bring a Child Advocacy Centre to Red Deer.

“I believe I really understand the City, having lived here all my life. My diverse background will be beneficial for City council, on the business side and on the social aspects,” he said.

“I think I have a good mix of business owner and business advocate working at the Chamber. I think that is an important piece that is needed. With that experience, I think I can bring a diverse seat on council.”

As well, in 2015, More founded Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation in memory of his late daughter Lindsey.

“This foundation allowed me to re-evaluate my priorities in life, and what is most important to me, which is serving the community and making a meaningful difference in the lives of the citizens.

“I believe through City council I can leverage my skills and experience and make Red Deer a better place to live, work, and play,” he said.

As for issues he would like to tackle he said policing is at the top of the list.

“In the next two years I think it’s so crucial that the policing side is strengthened. It’s easy to just add officers, but I think we need to change the way we police.

“I think our citizens need to get more involved. It’s strength in numbers,” said More. “That is what sways the bar for politicians – politicians see numbers. It’s no different than the doctors with the hospital. People start seeing that and all of a sudden you have a community that is buying into these issues.

“It’s not that they (the police) aren’t doing anything now, but I think we throw these young adults out, put a stripe on them and expect them to solve our problems.

“There are so many social aspects that come into that whether it be homelessness or drug abuse – we expect the RCMP to incarcerate them and it’s a revolving door. We have to work with the provincial government, especially as a municipality, to solve some of these social issues. It is daunting but I feel like I can help sway a City that can make things happen. We already have a City that believes in itself and to already have that passion it’s a lot easier to stimulate people on the social issues.”

More said another issue he would like to focus on if elected is retaining businesses in the City as well as being an advocate for local business.

“We are seeing businesses migrating out of the City, whether it be to the County or what have you. That concerns me. You have to delve in and find out the real reason – what is the truth? You’ve got businesses paying taxes to the County and they can live in Red Deer and use all of our facilities.”

More added if elected to City council, he will act as an arm to the citizens.

“My passions and priorities are going to be different than others. We can’t all have everything we want. On City council you have to listen, you have to debate what is right for the City as a whole.”

He added that solutions only happen through dialogue, debate, involvement and vision.

“If we don’t listen, we never learn to achieve.”

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