Rescued dog, Gem finds her forever home

  • Aug. 27, 2014 3:18 p.m.

Gem, an eight-year-old collie/husky mixed breed that was rescued from a Central Alberta reserve as a stray and who underwent surgery to remove both of her eyes earlier this year, has found her forever home.

Gem was rescued from the Maskwacis reserve and came to the Red Deer and District SPCA this past spring. Through vet examination, SPCA officials immediately found that she was fully blind and was in severe pain due to the condition of her eyes.

After making a full recovery after her surgery, Gem went up for adoption.

Nancy Hudson and her daughter Shelby Deeley adopted Gem a number of weeks ago and since then all three have settled into their routines.

“We’re absolutely nuts about her and we have a few cats that she absolutely loves,” said Deeley. “She has brought a lot into our lives and we don’t know what we would do without her.

“I saw Gem on facebook and I was all over that because I am an animal rescue-person myself. We found out that she had gone to a trial home but that it didn’t work out and we were able to come and see her that day. We did and we fell in love with her and they let us bring her home.”

Hudson added the three have adjusted to their daily life quite well.

“She has adjusted really well. She is so trusting. In our home she managed to map out things pretty quick. When we take her out for walks we have a couple of routes we do and she knows them,” said Hudson. “We’ve found, community-wise, a lot of people that we run into when we’re walking have heard about her story and are thrilled to meet her and are excited that she’s in the neighbourhood. Everyone is quite drawn to her.”

Gem is also learning some new commands including sitting and lying down. Hudson said they are in the process of teaching her to sit at the front door before it is opened. “It’s really fun watching her catch onto things,” she said.

Hudson and Deeley, who both have health issues themselves, have said Gem is an inspiration.

“She gets up at the beginning of every day, just like it’s completely normal, and to her it is because she has been blind for some time. She doesn’t even really know that she is blind and it’s really just a huge inspiration knowing what she has gone through,” said Deeley. “We just love her.”