Red Deer to host yoga championship

Yogis will get the chance to show their moves at the Hatha Yoga Championships in Red Deer later this month.

The Alberta Hatha Yoga Championship is set to take place April 14th at the Scott Block Theatre (4816 50 Ave.) in Red Deer.

“The big push from the community that I’m from in the yoga world now is trying to get the word of yoga out there,” said Josh Biro, provincial organizer for the Alberta Hatha Yoga Championship.

“The competition is very inspiring. To see someone try these postures and hold still and have this very positive demeanor about them is really uplifting and can help entice people to view themselves differently than what we normally do which is of a very competitive nature – often we go to the gym or we go for a run and we continually compare ourselves to the exterior world as opposed to realizing that we are doing something positive for ourselves.”

There will be three categories at the competition which include male, female and youth. There are also five mandatory postures that competitors are required to do. These postures include standing head to knee, standing bow pulling, bow, rabbit and stretching. Competitors will also have the chance to do two postures of their choice. This all has to be done within the three-minute time limit.

“We do say competition but what we really mean is public demonstration. You get the competitors together and they are training and devoting a lot of time working on their postures and themselves and then we bring them all to one venue and they demonstrate,” said Biro. “There are judges and there are marks and someone does win but it’s not really the environment you would consider for a competition where there is me versus you.

“It’s me versus myself and you versus yourself and we’re very supportive of each other. Etiquette and attitude is extremely important in yoga. Positive character and sportsmanship are held very high.”

He added even the judges’ marking is based on that positivity as well.

“One of your major marks is on your grace points – so how you carry yourself on stage, how you move, if you’re calm and if you smile the whole time.”

Admission to the event is $5 for adults and children 12 years and under will get in free.

Winners of the Alberta Hatha Yoga Championship will go on to compete in the Western Championship. This will run May 19th at Desperados Night Club and Event Centre (24 7400 Macleod Trail South) in Calgary. Doors open at 11 a.m.

For more information call Josh Biro at 403-872-9468.