Red Deer Royals partner with RDC for rehearsal space

With the goal of securing permanent rehearsal space at Red Deer College, the Red Deer Royals have shored up a $1 million commitment to RDC’s Building Communities Through Learning Campaign.

The Royals have been in need of a practice venue and have been involved in the planning process for the RDC Centre for Sport & Wellness, which will feature a multi-purpose Field House.

“It’s such a beautiful fit – the Red Deer College and the Red Deer Royals,” said Royals director Rob Goring after the announcement Oct. 21.

“This will be tremendous for the long-term legacy and long-term viability of the Royals.”

The Field House’s sprawling size will offer the band a perfect place to essentially set up shop and rehearse, officials say.

“It will be fantastic to have a permanent home for the Red Deer Royals,” said Ingrid Anderson, president of the Red Deer Royals Alumni Association.

“The partnership with RDC gives the students a place to practice on a regular basis in a world-class educational setting,” she said. “It’s been said many times that the Red Deer Royals are Central Alberta’s greatest ambassadors.”

The Red Deer Kinsmen are helping the Royals get starting with raising the money by kicking in $100,000 to the campaign as well. To date, $272,000 has been raised so far, said Anderson. “It is truly a combined community project.”

Meanwhile, College officials are thrilled about the collaboration with the Royals as well.

“The Royals link much of their historical roots to RDC, and we hope it’s just the beginning of much collaboration in the future,” said Joel Ward, RDC President and CEO.

“They are an absolute gem, an absolute joy to this community, to this province and to this country,” he said. “We are really excited and appreciative of this major commitment.”

This new partnership between RDC and the Red Deer Royals also enables the College to open its doors to individuals, groups and teams throughout Central Alberta who can take advantage of the space for educational, organized sport and recreation activities, he said

The Royals alone have representatives from at least 25 schools throughout the region.

Over the past 36 years, the Royals have become an award-winning band locally and internationally.

The band trains instrumentalists ages 12–21 in the performance of traditional and contemporary music in concert, parade and field show settings.