Red Deer MLA heads to Washington

Red Deer MLA Cal Dallas headed to Washington, D.C. this past Monday to join U.S. and Canadian political leaders as they converse about challenges facing trade and energy.

“I will take the opportunity to discuss Alberta’s role as a responsible energy supplier to the United States,” said Dallas prior to departure. He returns to Red Deer today.

Some of the discussion was expected to move towards how Alberta is developing the oil sands and the environmental and social concerns that are involved.

“We want to make sure there is a secure source of energy available to the United States that has been developed responsibly.”

This is the first time Dallas has been involved in the Canada Connects mission with the Alberta Enterprise Group and he is looking forward to engaging and supporting the others that will be in Washington.

“This mission provides us with another opportunity to help ensure Alberta’s interests are represented and promoted in the United States.”

As the number one market for provincial exports, it is vitally important that Alberta continues its presence in Washington at events such as Canada Connects, he said.

“It’s critically important, on the export side, that the pathway to smooth and efficient transport both north and south of the border be as efficient as it can be.”

One of the topics Dallas was hoping to discuss is the ability to transport refined product via pipeline from Alberta into the U.S. and the implementation of low carbon fuel standards.

Canada Connects delegates discussed topics from cross-border trade and security to environmental challenges and their impacts on trade and investment.

In 2008 the Alberta Enterprise Group led the Canada Connects Mission to Washington with 100 business leaders. Switzerland was the destination in 2009 during which time 60 business and political leaders headed to Geneva.

Last year the Canada Connects mission was held in Ottawa at which time Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended to inform delegates that success for Alberta brings opportunity for the entire nation.

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