Red Deer man ups the ante for MS 100 Holes of Golf

The MS 100 Holes of Golf fundraiser may seem like a lot to take on for some people, but to others the challenge itself isn’t enough.

The event runs at the Wolf Creek Golf Resort on Sept. 12 and gets underway at 8 a.m.

Ray Atkins was encouraged by a friend to take part in the event for the first time this year and he didn’t hesitate to sign up.

“I never knew about the fundraiser and I golf, so why not?” said Atkins.

However, the same friend has since dared Atkins to wear coconuts and a grass skirt to the event if he is able to raise enough pledges.

“I have $550 right now but anything over $1,200 and I will wear the coconuts and grass skirt.”

The idea was not so much to embarrass Atkins but to raise awareness and make for an enjoyable day of laughter on the course.

“It has been done in the past so I thought I would just feed off of that for a good cause.”

Atkins said he is aware of what a challenge 100 holes of golf will be to do in one day.

This event will help to fund the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s National Research Program, which is helping to learn about the cause and to find a cure for MS.

MS is a degenerative disease that affects nerves cells in the brain. The disease can affect people differently and requires specialized treatment for each case.

The research program is also using some of the money to help develop new treatments for those living with MS on a daily basis.

“With these kinds of fundraisers going on and the money behind it, hopefully we can get a cure found.”

Money raised will help to fund services for locals living with MS as well as their families here in Central Alberta.

Some of these services can include wheelchairs to help a person with MS regain some mobility or other things like support groups.

The 100 Holes of Golf event will run rain or shine.

Atkins said he is looking forward to the event and said it will probably be a day of “grip and gripe”.

“There are no practice swings. You just throw your ball down and hit it and then it’s a Texas scramble. You never wait for anybody you shoot and take the closest ball and just don’t stop.”

Atkins said he lost a cousin to MS and that was a motivator for taking part.

“I’m sure if it hasn’t touched peoples’ families it’s touched somebody that they know and it is a good cause. It’s a great reason to get involved.”

Donations to Atkins can be made online by going to and clicking on ‘fundraising events’ and ‘100 Holes of Golf’.

Tax receipts are provided immediately when donating online. Pledges can also be given to Atkins by visiting him at Stirling Auto in Red Deer.

“For any of my past customers or friends and family, if they want to see a different side — a more fun side of Ray, this is how to do it.”