KICKING OFF- Brad Donaldson

KICKING OFF- Brad Donaldson

Red Deer College kicks off its annual United Way campaign

Setting a more ambitious fundraising goal this year, the United Way kicked off their campaign Monday afternoon at Red Deer College.

This year’s goal at RDC is to raise $30,500 which is a 10% increase from last year’s goal.

Sherri Smith, co-chair of United Way said the money raised stays in the local community.

“There is still a big need out there and we have to do our part to make sure that those services are still there when we need them,” said Smith.

With the kick-off at RDC, United Way has also launched their main campaign around the City and hopes to get everyone involved.

“We are really excited to hear about all the organizations and the on-the-job campaigns because a lot of our money gets raised through workplaces,” said Smith.

“There are so many exciting things happening such as this weekend we have St. James’ Gate at Wild Bills in conjunction with the Women’s Outreach and so that is really exciting. We also have a Rebels game on Dec 9 called the Socket to ‘Em sock toss where we gather up socks from agencies.”

Smith also added that it only takes $25 to buy 10 pairs of socks for someone in need.

“Our campaign is just getting going so when we hear all these good news stories it is really nice to see the money the College is raising. It’s also good to see other businesses and it’s really nice that they all participate and get all their employees involved.”

Brad Donaldson, vice president of academics at RDC was also available at the kick-off to announce the target and raise the flag.

“There are just so many agencies in Central Alberta that make use of the United Way from providing lunches to those that don’t have them, clothing and services to help families in need either with forms of addiction or health concerns,” he said.

“There is just such a wide variety of need in the community that this will help partially but the bigger campaign number for Central Alberta is $1.96 million, which shows the significant of need we have in our community.”

Donaldson also has a personal goal this year and will do what someone tells him to do — if the goal is reached.

“If we achieve our goal I will do what someone tells me to do. It might be to shave my head, walk around in red stilettos, I don’t know yet.”

For more information visit or call 403-343-3900.