RCMP urge vehicle owners to use ‘All Valuables Removed’ signs

  • Dec. 17, 2014 4:24 p.m.

Red Deer RCMP have partnered with Alberta Motor Association (AMA) to create and distribute ‘All Valuables Removed’ placards that the public can place in their vehicles to deter thefts. The push to distribute the placards is timely, as crimes of opportunity often spike during the holiday season when thieves see gifts and shopping bags left in vehicles.

Placards are available year-round at AMA, and Red Deer RCMP have distributed more placards at the following locations to make pick up even more convenient over the holiday season:

· Bower Place customer service (Gaetz Avenue)

· Save-on Foods customer service (3020 22nd St.)

· Collicutt Centre customer service (3031 30th Ave.)

· Walmart customer service (2010 50th Ave.)

· Superstore customer service (5016 51st Ave.)

· Parkland Mall customer service (67th St. and Gaetz Avenue)

· Alberta Motor Association (#141, 2004 50th Ave. – Southpointe Common)

“The placards serve two purposes – first, they tell thieves that the vehicle owner has taken the time to protect their belongings, and so the thief will be wasting their time and energy on this vehicle,” said Const. Lindsay Colven, of the Red Deer RCMP. “Second, the placards serve as a useful reminder to people to actually remove valuables and place tempting items out of sight each time they leave their vehicle.”

Items commonly stolen from vehicles include purses and wallets, laptops, shopping bags, CDs, stereos, MP3 players and iPods, cell phones and personal documents.

Motorists are reminded to protect themselves while shopping by storing purchases in the trunk or out of sight; if shoppers plan to continue shopping after storing bags in the trunk, they are urged to move their vehicle so thieves watching for opportunities will think they’ve left. As well, motorists are encouraged to place an ‘All Valuables Removed’ placard on the dash or in the drivers’ window; to lock their vehicle and not to leave purses, wallets, cell phones or papers with personal information on them in a vehicle. Also, motorists should not leave spare keys in the vehicle.

– Fawcett