Power restoration nearing completion in Red Deer

Power restoration nearing completion in Red Deer

About 50 residents and business still without power Friday night

Power restoration continued today, with many smaller areas being brought back, leaving approximately 50 residents and businesses without power through the evening. Crews will focus on these remaining areas, and also on making sure all power sources are stable through the weekend. The remaining homes are expected to be reconnected by mid-day tomorrow. Parks crews will also be continuing to clean-up trees and debris on trails, parks and roadways.

“Power is nearly restored across the city, but there is still work to do and a lot of clean-up that needs to happen. Many neighbourhoods and properties sustained significant damage, and in some cases this clean-up could take up to five weeks or more,” said Karen Mann, Emergency Operations Centre director. “There may be downed trees that remain in our parks for quite some time, specifically those that are not a safety risk to people or property.”

Approximately 1,500 properties were without power following Tuesday’s windstorm. The storm downed more than 15 power lines, 40 power poles and thousands of trees.

The neighbourhoods of Vanier Woods, Glendale and Normandeau remained without power for more than 48 hours with crews restoring power to these neighbourhoods early Friday morning.

“While City crews make their way around the City to clean up parks, trails and roadways, we know citizens are also working hard to clean-up damage and debris in their own yards and on their property,” added Mann. “We have truly seen the community coming together, offering everything from beds, meals and power to neighbours or helping with fallen trees and damage in one another’s yards.”

With a focus for many residents now on clean-up efforts, the City reminds citizens the snow storage site at Edgar Industrial will remain open to collect fallen branches and trees until July 3rd. Residents can also bring green branches to the City’s Waste Management Facility at no cost.

There are extended hours at the Waste Management Facility, which will be open this Sunday, June 25th and next Sunday, July 2nd from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The waste unit limit will be lifted until June 30th.

Residents are responsible for cleanup of trees on private property and are reminded to not dispose of them on City roads, back lanes or sidewalks.

If residents are still without power, know of any blocked roadways, or have a vehicle that has a tree or significant debris on it, call the City at 403-342-8111.

The asphalt trails and parks are now inspected and re-opened at Three Mile Bend Recreation area and trails connecting River Bend to the Civic Yards (River Bend Hill trails remain closed), McKenzie Trails – including lower forested trail loop and trail to Garden Heights and Waskasoo Park Southbank Trail (McKenzie Trails to and Including Riverlands).

Asphalt trails which remain closed include Southbank Trail (Riverlands to Heritage Ranch and connecting to West Park), the Devonian Trail System including trail linkages within Galbraith Park, Stephenson Park and Barrett Park, Rotary Park to Kin Kanyon and Kin Kanyon to 19th St.

All other gravel, shale, equestrian and mountain bike trails remain closed at this time. Exercise caution this weekend when using parks and trails. Even though trails are cleared, some hazards will exist along the trail system. Do not disturb City staff while working to clean up debris. Crews need to be able to focus on their work in order to ensure safety for both themselves and residents.

Tell us about a neighbour, friend or family member who helped you out this week. Submit your story at www.reddeer.ca/greatneighbours by July 14th to win a $100 RPC gift card.

Residents who require assistance with food, lodging or other supports as a result of the power outage, please call 211 or visit the Canadian Red Cross office at 5301 43rd St.

Residents who want to volunteer, or those who need help with clean-up can contact Volunteer Central at 403-346-3710 or email community@volunteercentral.ca.

– Fawcett