Peace of mind and protecting your children

For parents concerned with the safety of their children there’s a new business in Red Deer called Guard-a-Kid.

Lori Vodon, a child safety specialist with the Red Deer outlet of Guard-a-Kid, says their service puts together a complete child identification package and provides peace of mind for parents.

“You get a full sheet of your child’s information, with digital fingerprints, information about family doctors, legal guardians, scars and birthmarks, and we take the picture,” she said. “You get two identification cards and a DVD with all the information that you can store on your computer. You can send it to grandparents, childcare facilities and anywhere you want.

“If your child goes missing you can send the information to the RCMP quickly. The first hours (when a child goes missing) are the most important.”

It would provide police with an accurate and complete copy of the information they need to issue an Amber Alert.

“We also offer safety training,” says Vodon. “We have a kit called ‘Child Escape’ and it shows a whole bunch of different ways for a child to get away from a predator.”

The company offers a variety of high-tech child and family safety products, since many of these products can also be used for seniors or handicapped people. These include wireless child locators, password-protected identification sticks and tooth print kits which provide an imprint of a child’s unique tooth characteristics and their DNA.

There is also a GPS child-locating device, which is not available in Canada yet, but is in the United States. It allows parents to track their children on their computer. You can set geographical boundaries for your children and the system sets off a warning if your child goes outside those boundaries and tells you exactly where they are.

“We are a locally-owned business,” says Vodon. “Other child protection businesses have a monthly fee. We don’t. We sell our package for a $25 flat rate. If you want to do it a couple of years later, as the child grows and changes we can do it again. We do not keep any of your data.

“Once we do up your kit we delete all your information. With some companies you have to phone their head office to get your information. With us you’ve got it already and we’re not liable.”

Guard-a-Kid is holding a child safety event at Family First Chiropractic and Wellness at 142 Erickson Dr. on May 26 from 1 to 4 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.