Partnership promotes sports history

  • Mar. 13, 2013 3:37 p.m.

A partnership formed between a museum and a bank is going to pay dividends for students down the road.

The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame is joining forces with RBC Royal Bank in order to bring the students a closer look at what sports history exists in our province through a program named ‘Beyond the Classroom’.

“We have different projects, we have different modules that the kids can do,” explained Donna Hateley, managing director of the Hall. “One is fair play and respect, creating healthy minds and looking at the past and the future of different sports equipment as well.”

RBC jumped on board with a $5,000 sponsorship of the program within the guidelines of the bank’s RBC Foundation, said regional vice president Ron Sauve.

“We’re really invested in our firm beliefs, in our communities, in history in sports here in Alberta,” he said. “This really of course fosters our youth and the passion for the dreams going forth.”

Hateley says the program is all about creating a different atmosphere and a different learning environment than in the classroom. “Getting them to use some critical thinking skills and looking beyond the box,” she said.

It also drives home the importance of sports in a child’s life, the importance of being active and to have a healthy lifestyle, she said.

“We’re really trying to focus on the youth and what it can bring to the future. How what they do now as young adults and young people can really have an impact in the future.”

Having groups of students tour through the Hall can be a real eye-opener and Sauve, who is relatively new to the community, agreed.

“I was actually fascinated with the history which is contained within these walls here and the exciting athletes and groups of people that has made up a part of Alberta’s heritage as well,” he said.

With the backing of RBC, Hateley says the Hall can do a program like this one, take some of the materials to the classroom and attend events like a teachers convention, expanding the reach of the Hall.

“We have schools coming from all over the province. We actually have schools, during the month of May when the music festival is happening. And we have people come from Saskatchewan take in the exhibits as well.”

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