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Over $6,000 raised for The Lending Cupboard by 100 Men Red Deer

100 Men Red Deer’s next meeting is March 11th

It was an exciting night Monday for The Lending Cupboard Society of Central Alberta as they were the chosen recipient to receive a charitable donation raised by 100 Men Red Deer.

“We meet four times a year and then each time we have three charities that present to us and then one wins that night, so there’s four different charities that get money throughout the year,” said Dan Sims, who served as President for the last two years.

Their meeting was held Monday night at The Hideout and the group of men also heard from the Central Alberta Brain Injury Society and the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra.

This year’s recipient, The Lending Cupboard, was the lucky winner, receiving over $6,000.

100 Men just completed its fourth year now.

“For an ordinary member, it’s one of the simplest charities you can be a part of. You show up, you have a beverage, you do some networking, you’re there for about an hour and a half and you donate $100 and get a tax receipt and you’re done and you do that four times a year.”

The next meeting is March 11th.