Non-stop laughs with Seinfeld’s Red Deer stop

  • Oct. 14, 2011 8:09 p.m.

With ageless jokes and material that suited any generation, Jerry Seinfeld’s recent stop in Red Deer was a thoroughly enjoyable night of comedy.

The opening act, Mario Joyner, was funny in his own respect, spending

a large part of his time discussing the experience of flying which was my favourite segment because it relates to everyone and it seemed most of the crowd was laughing along with him.

Everyone understood his jests about the requirement on an airplane to put up food trays and sit down while landing, and the crowd was laughing uproariously when Joyner questioned why these things affect the pilot. His skit then moved on to talk about new technology including the iPhone. Much of the audience laughed at the lines to follow as iPhone’s had been put away in abundance right before Joyner got started.

My Dad and I sat and laughed at the vast majority of Joyner’s act as he continued to question why we need all this new technology and why it’s so hard to just get a phone that works.

At no point during Joyner’s or Seinfeld’s acts did the audience full into a lull for long. They both kept the audience laughing and happy, but the hum that took over when Joyner left the stage was almost deafening.

Upon Seinfeld’s arrival on the stage that hum exploded and the audience cheered Seinfeld right into his first skit. He began with comedy specific to Red Deer which is always great in a stand up comic. Not only does it show they’ve ‘changed it up’ from place to place, but that they actually understand our City and have taken the time to explore it a bit.

Seinfeld had the crowd in stitches when he questioned where the ‘Red Deer’ really are. Maybe this is why people have moved here in droves, he said, because they want to see the ‘Red Deer’.

Through the entire portion based on Red Deer’s name, as well as our lack of notoriety, the audience was laughing and agreeing with comments Seinfeld had to make.

Seinfeld did also chat about cell phones which goes to show how common a theme that is among comics. He also had the audience chuckling as he mocked the Blackberry users as well as the iPhone people.

From family to friends to married life and kids, Seinfeld discussed a little bit of every aspect of what one might expect in a friendly conversation. Only he was the only one doing any talking while the audience whistled and cheered in approval.

For someone who didn’t watch Seinfeld’s TV show growing up, and someone who had never seen him do a stand-up comedy act before, I would definitely say I would go again. He was most enjoyable, and we were able to share in an evening of laughter together. He’s definitely an outstanding comedian worth taking the time out to go see.