Nice set up for Super Bowl

  • Jan. 21, 2015 4:06 p.m.

When I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday, I should’ve known he’d say all he wanted was for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

For the sake of our relationship, I truly hope they do, as no girl wants to see her boyfriend cry.

As much as I want the Patriots to win for this reason alone, the match up between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks is one NFL fans have been anticipating all season and it will be no easy feat for the Patriots.

After the Seahawks heroic comeback on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, the team has proven their worth in the league with quarterback Russell Wilson proving he’s come a long way since he last came up against the Patriots in 2012 when he was only a rookie.

Rookie he may have been, but since Wilson and Tom Brady’s last time being on the same field, Wilson has led the Seahawks to the title of reigning champ after their 2014 Super Bowl win against the Denver Broncos in a dominating 43-8 win.

With Wilson hoping to take home his second Super Bowl win and Brady banking on erasing the harsh memory of the last two faded seasons which have come to pass for the Patriots, Brady will look to add a fourth Super Bowl victory to his resume.

Not only will two of the best quarterbacks in the league be facing off against one another, but Super Bowl XLIX will also play host to a match-up of two of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, Richard Sherman of the Seahawks and Darrelle Revis of the Patriots.

With Sherman facing an injury that left him without the use of his left arm during Sunday’s semi-final game, it will be interesting to see how he performs against Revis who is eager to show why he signed with the Patriots – for the chance to play in his first Super Bowl game.

While I can’t promise my boyfriend that he’ll get his birthday wish, I can promise the millions of worldwide viewers that the game they will watch on Feb. 5th will most certainly be one of the best match-ups the NFL has seen in the last decade.

The Patriots strong offense, arguably the best in the league, will be put to test against what is the best defense in the NFL coming from the Seahawks.

All I can hope for is that Brady brings his ‘A’ game. It’s all in the hands of Tommy B. now to bring home the win.