New lighting for new subdivisions

The City will be installing LED (light emitting diode) street lights in two new subdivisions this year; Garden Heights and Vanier Woods East.

The move comes after a three-month pilot program last year using LED lights on Addington Dr. from Avery St. to Austin Dr.

Garfield Lee, senior electric engineer, said feedback from local residents was very positive. They said LED lighting is brighter, has better colour, provides more even lighting and has less glare. But he says the City is moving slowly when it comes to LED lighting because the technology is still evolving.

“A year ago none of the (LED) lights could meet our standards, a year later they’re surpassing our standards. Right now it’s all very new. In a year or two it will be much better.”

Lee also expects the cost of LED lighting to go down in the future.

The City currently uses High Pressure Sodium lights in most locations, but it’s expected they will all be replaced in the future as LED lighting technology improves and becomes cheaper.