Another hot one Saturday, then a drop, then warming up again in the City

Another hot one Saturday, then a drop, then warming up again in the City

Watch for a climb to hotter temperatures next week

It looks like there’s some relief in weather coming to Red Deer for now.

Currently, Red Deer has been sitting in the mid 20 C range which should be fairly similar for Saturday before residents see a bit of what Environment Canada Meteorologist Jesse Wagar is calling a reprieve for Sunday and Monday, and possibly into Tuesday, with temperatures around that 20-degree mark.

But another warm spell is coming.

“So it’ll be low twenties before rebounding again in the middle of next week into the mid to upper twenties,” said Wagar, adding that the hotter temperatures could last into next weekend.

Wagar said it won’t, however, be as hot as Red Deerians experienced a few weeks ago, but they will feel that difference in warmer heat from the current temperatures.

“In the mid-twenties, that’s about normal for Red Deer around this time,” she said.

With some severe thunderstorm watches in Red Deer, Wagar said they should be staying off to the west of the City towards the region of Hinton, and into Nordegg.

She said the storms may even push further north to the area of Peace River.

“The way thunderstorms develop, it is really difficult to tell too far into advance, but current indications are maybe Wednesday or Thursday next week when we might see a storm (in Red Deer),” she said, adding that it’s difficult to say with any certainty at this point.

She said with hot weather, it can start building up some energy in the atmosphere, and there needs to be a trigger to be able to kickstart those storms.

And with all the ‘thunder’ rage on social media, Wagar said the number of storms in Red Deer really isn’t out of normal ranges.

“As far as I can tell we’re pretty on track to having a fairly standard season, if not, maybe a little bit above normal, but I think with the proliferation of social media and people posting their storm pictures and their experiences with severe weather on social media, it makes it seem like we’re experiencing more.”