Mixed bag expected for Central Alberta weather

Despite the unusually warm weather this winter, no records have been broken yet but that might change over the course of January.

With a high of +10C this past week some might think it was spring with the lack of snow and moisture in the air.

Greg Pearce, a forecaster with Environment Canada said our temperatures should be around the -7C to -20C range according to past years.

“Central Alberta is well above normal due to a strong south west flow for the last few weeks and there is a bit of a change coming soon.”

An arctic wind is expected to make its way down after the weekend, but Pearce said it will not last long.

“It is going to be a rollercoaster of temperatures over the next few days with warmer weather at the end of the week,” said Pearce.

It is expected to be around +2C by Saturday but temperatures will fall after the weekend.

Pearce also said we are well above the normal temperature for January.

“We have had this persistent upper ridge over the northwest and the United States that has kept us in this strong south westerly flow over the past few weeks. That is why it has been abnormally warm, but we will get some colder weather soon.”

Some of the repercussions of warm weather can affect wildlife patterns and has left some areas dry.

“You don’t have much of a snow pack and it has been windy and dry since there is not much moisture in the prairies,” said Pearce, “I can’t imagine the ski resorts are happy.”

Many speculations are being made that it might be a dry summer but Pearce said the two seasons can’t be connected.

“Just because it has been a warm winter doesn’t mean it will be a dry spring. You can’t make a connection.”

Overall it looks like January will be above normal, but we will see some cold northerly winds and some snow, so it is not going to stay warm for long, he said.

“It has been unusually warm and I am sure we will have some arctic outbreaks so be prepared for some colder weather.”