Michael Dawe to run for Red Deer North

  • Mar. 4, 2015 4:06 p.m.

Michael Dawe has announced that he will run for MLA in North Red Deer .

It is his hope to get endorsement of several political parties – for example the Alberta Party, the Alberta Liberal Party, the Green Party, the New Democrats, etc.

“The formal party organizations may be unable and/or unwilling to support such a candidacy,” he said. “That of course is their democratic right. However, if the formal party organizations are unable and/or unwilling to support a candidacy, then efforts will be made to see if grassroots and/or individuals’ support can be secured. This includes independently minded PCs as well as the above mentioned parties.”

He added the overall intention is to build true cross-party cooperation and a more positive approach to politics. People have seen a lot of post-election party switching and/or secretive back-room political deals in the past several months, he added. The hope is to break this pattern of partisanship and lack of accountability in Alberta politics.

“A lot of people, I think in every party, were absolutely astonished,” he said, referring to the party switching. “My thinking is that we have to begin to do things differently. I had a number of people come up to me, quite frankly, and say that they weren’t going to vote because of what happened. If they aren’t going to vote, that is not a solution either. I thought maybe I could offer a multi-partisan, positive, cooperative alternative and see if that will work.

“It might not work and if I don’t get the (endorsements) of the other parties than I can run as an independent regardless.”

He added he will campaign on his own personal principles which include fiscal responsibility, public health care and supporting education.

“I don’t believe that public money is a bottomless pit. One example is that we keep hearing that we are really tight with money, yet we are going ahead with the $18 million reconstruction of the Kananaskis Golf Course. I know that it is important and I’m not saying to never rebuild it, but why rebuild it now?”