‘Max and Ruby’ include City on fall tour

  • Aug. 23, 2010 10:17 p.m.

Max & Ruby: Bunny Party is a brand new live show for kids that’s hitting the road this fall, including a Red Deer stop Sept. 29.

Showtime is 3:30 p.m. at the Memorial Centre.

Bunny siblings Max & Ruby originated as a book series by Rosemary Wells and has raked in sales of more than three million copies world-wide. Children around the globe enjoy the duo’s colourful high jinks.

Leaping onto the screen in 2002, the animated series based on Wells’ books also show the pair as never wanting quite the same thing and their plans always collide – with uproarious results.

As producer Wells explains, each story focuses on Max and Ruby’s relationship as brother and sister.

“The storylines are about the adventures and events that take place between brother and sister, and not the ones between the children and their parents,” she says. “Even though Max and Ruby’s parents are not seen in the series, they are always safely nearby as is shown by the many objects in the house – a trench coat hanging on a coat rack, an open book, a pair of reading glasses.

“There are other adults featured, however, the main intent is to capture how each moment can be a source of amusement and discovery for young children.

“Seven-year-old big sister Ruby loves to be in charge. However at only three years old, fun-loving and energetic Max is not always willing to go along with his sister’s rules at first. Although they may have differences, Ruby shows nothing but patience and devotion to her brother, and Max adores his older sister. They learn to understand each other and ultimately find solutions that make them both happy through teamwork and compromise.”

As to the theme of the show coming to Red Deer this fall, it’s a big day for someone special.

Max & Ruby have loads of things to do before the exciting event; they embark on a musical bus ride to find the greatest present in the world before coming home to undergo an unpredictable make-over just for this happy occasion. When will the guest of honour arrive? Who will it be?

Audiences are invited to join Max and Ruby as their special guest is revealed at the Bunny Party of the year. Together, they will rely on their bond to solve life’s little problems, and celebrate the universal nature of sibling relationships.

Tickets are available at the Black Knight Inn Ticket Centre by calling 403-755-6626 or by visiting www.blackknightinn.ca.

For more information, check out www.MaxandRubyonTour.com.