Looking ahead to Red Deer’s Centennial year

  • Nov. 7, 2012 4:02 p.m.

The year 2013 is the 100th birthday of the City of Red Deer. Red Deer’s Centennial Committee has planned several events and projects to celebrate and honour the community’s past while launching into the second century, and the entire community is invited to the party.

The Centennial Committee was formed three years ago by the Central Alberta Historical Society at the request and with financial support from the City of Red Deer. The City has continued to support this committee as they go about planning for the 2013 year.

“This is Red Deer’s party, so we’ve planned all our events with the entire community in mind. There are activities for all ages, for families, for young and old,” said Sheila Bannerman, chair of the Centennial Committee. “In addition, we’ve been working with community partners on some unique projects which will contribute a lasting legacy to Red Deer. This will truly be a year to remember.”

The events calendar will begin on Dec. 31st with a skating party to kick off the New Year. The party will be at Bower Ponds from 6 – 9 p.m. The event will end with a display like nothing Red Deer has ever seen, organizers said. Attendees will be treated to a show of musical fireworks, a way to welcome the New Year.

The Centennial’s main weekend of the year will be June 29-30th beginning with a pancake breakfast celebrating the Centennial Grove Legacy Project.

“The weekend will continue through a jam-packed series of events to both watch and participate in,” said Bannerman.

“Following the active and creative events we’ll move on down to the Red Deer River to watch the spectacular ‘Points of View’ Red Deer River of Light, which will be a lighted extravaganza on the river.”

The event will be the culmination of several days of temporary public art and light installations that will explore Red Deer’s history in and around the river and Red Deer’s current and potential future relationships with the river as an integral part of the environment.

Throughout the year people attending events in the City will have the opportunity to meet some ‘local celebrities’. Persons will be able to meet and greet some of the ghosts during the 2013 year. On June 29th, in the afternoon, ghosts will be in character beside their sculptures allowing people to get to know the ghosts and learn more about Red Deer’s history.

“We are hoping that that day people will go around and see the different ghost sculptures,” said Bannerman. “Many people if they go and read the plaques and you ask them a month later who the ghost is and why they are there, they could not tell you. So we are hoping that by ‘meeting’ the ghosts they will remember the stories.”

Details on all of the events and activities are available on the Red Deer Centennial Committee’s web site, www.RedDeer2013.ca.