Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore

Long-time Red Deerian in the running for council

Jeremy Moore looking to make a difference via City council

A long-time Red Deer resident is vying for a seat on City council.

Jeremy Moore, 40, an electrician by trade and small business owner, is hoping to make a difference in the community via City council.

“I think my demographic and my age is under-represented on council and it would be nice to see someone my age on council,” he said. “I love Red Deer. I have always been active in the community and running for City council is the next logical way that I can serve the place I call home and the people that live here. I feel that my generation, people with young families, is under-represented on the current council. I have kids in elementary, junior and high school and with that I have a pretty good understanding of what young families are having to do to make ends meet.”

Moore has been a board member on both the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery and the Sunnybrook Farm Museum and said a run for City council is the next logical step.

“I enjoy the governance model and that is very much how City council works,” he said.

Moore said if he is elected to council, he will bring transparency and accessibility to the table.

“I like to dig and find the root causes of things,” he said. “Part of my campaign is that I want to make community-minded decisions. I look at the big picture of all those affected and involved.”

Moore said he hopes to take a hard look at municipal policing.

“I personally would like to see more visible policing,” he said. “We don’t see that enough in our community. If we see more visible policing in our community, we’ll see more crime deterrent.

“We need to sit down with our community partners and look for ways to continue to keep our streets and communities safe while maintaining the services we need to support our residents. Community-minded decision-making is a cornerstone of my campaign and I want to ensure that we bring the right people to the table when we are discussing budgets to help council make the best decisions possible.”

He added another thing he would like to see is the continuation of low taxes. “It seems like every year there is a tax increase. I know this is an election year and they’ve really minimized the tax increase but I would like to see for the next four years that we continue that.”

As for heading out on the campaign trail, Moore said he is looking forward to meeting members of the community.

“Hearing their concerns and bringing the voice to council is what I am looking forward to,” he said. “I have lived in Red Deer my entire life, I am proud to call Red Deer home and I will work hard to support the residents of the City of Red Deer. This includes being open and accessible and making sure that decisions are in the best interest of our City. As a successful business owner and family man I will bring a strong voice to council.”

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