Lindsay Thurber ‘Hall of Fame’ induction

Two men will be inducted into the Lindsay Thurber Hall of Fame during a ceremony set for Oct. 21.

Andrew Neuman and Dr. Keith E. Pedersen will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Memorial Centre at 12:30 p.m.

Neuman is the executive director of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and has a Master’s degree in Vertebrate Paleontology and also Bachelors of Science degrees (Honors) in Geology and Zoology from the University of Alberta.

He also has his Bachelor of Education from Red Deer College as well as the U of A.

The co-author of more than 25 scientific articles on the fossil fishes of western Canada, Neuman, who graduated from Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School in 1974, became the executive director of the Royal Tyrrell Museum in 2007. This followed working as the assistant director from 1998 and being the head of the Collection Management Program from 1986.

Well-respected in his community for his volunteerism as well, Neuman has also created a number of international exhibit partnerships and research expeditions, which have resulted in the Museum becoming a world-renowned institution.

Neuman has also been honoured with winning the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Summer Research Scholarship, and a postgraduate scholarship.

Dr. Pedersen is a world-renowned choir director with a doctorate of music arts from the University of Illinois, masters of music from Temple University, and his bachelor of music education from Northwest Nazarene College. He graduated from Lindsay Thurber in 1978.

During his 30 years as a choir director, Pedersen has worked with more than 30 choirs at different levels.

He is currently the professor of music at the Point Luma Nazarene University and was the choir director for Lindsay Thurber from 1983-1989, which included directing the concert choir, the chamber choir, jazz choir, treble choir, and a beginner’s choir.

Pedersen has landed several honours over the years, including the Creative and Performing Art Fellowship from the University of Illinois, the William A. Singer Award for Academic Excellence from Temple University and the Edwin Parr Award from Red Deer Public Schools.