Let’s Talk 2013 promoting transparency and availability

Members of City departments chat with public at Bower Place

  • Apr. 24, 2013 3:00 p.m.

City of Red Deer councillors and Mayor Morris Flewwelling were onhand at Bower Mall Shopping Centre this past weekend for Let’s Talk 2013 to answer questions that the public may have, as well as inform them of upcoming local events.

“This is a real opportunity for council and the City,” said Flewwelling. “I think the key to the event’s success is accessibility, because you have all members of council here, all of the departments are here as well with information and takeaways.”

The event hosted a multitude of exhibitors and displays, ranging from City council to the Red Deer RCMP where citizens could come and ask questions or learn more about the City.

“People can come casually on their own time and it relieves the intimidation of going down to City Hall,” said Flewwelling.

“Here at this event they’re having fun and there’s shopping, and they can come by and talk to us in a very up front and ‘real time’ manner.”

Hot topics of questions from the public included potholes, bike lanes, election campaigning, and what events were happening downtown this summer.

One of the main focuses for this year’s annual event was to raise awareness of the centennial celebrations happening in Red Deer this summer.

“Believe it or not, there are some people who live in Red Deer who don’t know that it is the centennial this year,” said Flewwelling. “So this is one more opportunity to sort of show that off.”

A booth headed up by Red Deer City council was also at the event, asking citizens to help solve the mystery of Red Deer’s identity as part of the City’s Identity Project.

Volunteers were surveying and asking what the public thought made the City unique.

The Red Deer RCMP detachment was also present at the event, giving demonstrations on one of the four Segways being leased for downtown patrolling.

Children also had many opportunities at the event as well, as parents and councillors showed them what the future spray park in Red Deer would look like.

Organizers said it was another successful event.