Last word on DBA controversy

  • Mar. 13, 2013 3:40 p.m.

It is very easy to be pro council when your on the receiving end of City Hall’s spending.

As for the councillor being one of 10 on the board of directors of the Downtown Business Association. It is all the more reason she should never have allowed a budget covered with smoke and mirrors to be put forward. Or one that allows it to go into debt as this budget does.

Now to people wanting to have lunch outside. There are several sidewalk patios downtown, as well as a park that cost the taxpayers over a million dollars and then we have City Hall Park. Bryan seems to think these aren’t good enough, but then he’s a member of the board of directors for the DBA that only sees what it wants to see.

I have sat in on some public meetings. If these are so open and honest why is so much of the meeting’s agenda in camera?

I also was here in the ’80s. And business downtown slowed to a crawl for most without the big name stores to draw people downtown.

Now as then the City does very little to promote downtown and the DBA does even less.

I could go on but it’s obvious that downtown only one point of view is allowed. To the small group that think downtown is their playground and the DBA is their caretaker it’s “My way or the highway.”

Jerry Anderson

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