Kris Maciborsky wants north Red Deer to be heard

Kris Maciborsky wants north Red Deer to be heard

Candidate running for Red Deer City council spot

Kris Maciborsky has been working the front line for various non-profit organizations, and wants to be a voice for those living in the north end of Red Deer, for who she feels haven’t had a voice in the past.

“For the last 12 years I’ve lived on the north end and (I’ve heard) the rumblings from neighbours and whatnot that the north end – we feel neglected, we feel we don’t have a voice so that was part of the voice I want to be is basically the north end,” she said.

Growing up in Alder Flats, Maciborsky moved to Red Deer in January 2001 to attend Red Deer College for Rehabilitation Services.

For almost 20 years she’s worked with persons with disabilities, persons with mental illness, seniors, youth and individuals in the LGBTQ community, learning their struggles and needs.

After her various work, she decided she wanted to advocate for them in a broader spectrum at a governmental level, and make policies or laws to try and help them.

Maciborsky said if she were to get voted onto Red Deer City council, she would want to work for more rights for the people that are disabled or who live with mental illnesses, along with the LGBTQ community.

“I’ve worked with people that are homeless or near homelessness, the low income, the people that are living pay cheque to pay cheque, and as myself, I’ve lived in poverty all of my life, so I understand what they’ve been through, and I really want to be able to see what we can do help them maintain their housing and help the homeless achieve housing in some way,” she said.

She added she feels bad for the clients she’s worked with over the years as sometimes they have low income housing, but it’s just not an appropriate type of housing.

“There’s bed bugs or mold and things and the landlords aren’t sometimes as helpful, and sometimes they need a little more help in knowing what to do to prevent these things. There’s lots of community service agencies, which I’ve worked for, many non-profits in Red Deer, but we don’t have the manpower or the funding to help everyone, but I’d like to be able to help more people if possible.”

She said what makes her a good candidate is her honesty and her kindness.

“I will tell you how it is or the reasons why we do certain things and I don’t want to hide anything. I want to be honest about everything.”

Maciborsky currently resides in the north side of the City with her wife Paige.

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